A clean room has several applications and is designed according to the specific requirements of each industry (pharmaceutical, veterinary, biotechnological, cosmetic, R&D, food…) Additionally, depending on the processes that are going to be carried out in that clean room, there are different security access systems, known as Pass Box, which will allow the entry and exit of materials while maintaining the classification of the clean room.

They are therefore barrier equipment that allow the transfer of materials to be carried out safely, avoiding cross-contamination and that are designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP regulations.

Ad-tech, as part of Albian Group and specialized in equipment for clean rooms, designs and manufactures SAS according to customer requirements, of different types:

  • Passive SAS: This type of SAS without air filtration guarantees the safe transfer of materials avoiding cross contamination.
  • Dynamic SAS: With HEPA air filtration, to guarantee a clean environment inside the chamber and thus ensure a correct transfer system for areas of different classification.
  • H2O2 biodecontamination SAS: This type of SAS incorporates an aerial decontamination system using hydrogen peroxide vapor (VHP) to allow aseptic and safe transfer of materials between clean rooms and classified areas.
  • UV biodecontamination SAS: The UV air tunnel is designed to comply with ATEX regulations and ensures a safe and continuous transfer between areas of different classification.
  • Radioprotection SAS: Intended for safe transfer in areas with radiological protection that eliminates the risks of radiation on the outside of an untreated area.
  • Customised SAS: Design and manufacture of customised equipment according to the specific needs of the client.

It is also important to highlight that the pass-through boxes of Albian Group can act in overpressure or depression, depending on the needs of the room, to avoid cross-contamination.

Also, another important feature that varies across models is the type of SAS input and output. Different options are offered, according to the required needs:

  • Front passage: SAS for easy entry and exit of materials.
  • Corner passage: SAS for entry and exit of materials with a 90º layout.
  • Floor passage: SAS for entry and exit of materials with door to the ground. For transit with trolleys.


The characteristics of each SAS can be consulted in detail here.