We provide our best solutions to the most demanding sectors in life sciences:

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With our technical and commercial staff we offer client support before, during and after the sale of machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with the following services:

  • Consultancy and selection of most suitable equipment, sizing, advice for machinery positioning, maintenance and problem-solving.
  • Personalised treatment throughout the life of the equipment.
  • Assistance for commissioning.
  • Document and operational support for qualification and validation operations.


We are MANUFACTURERS OF MACHINERY for the pharmaceutical industry.

Standard equipment: we help you to find the standard solution for faster delivery and better economic match.

Personalised solutions: in the Albian Group we always make efforts to meet our clients’ needs and requirements for specific applications. We offer solutions that can be personalised to meet your needs.

SAS descontaminación personalizados- SAS pasamateriales 02

We provide the necessary documentation with the equipment:

  • P&ID diagram, layout and electrical schematics.
  • Operating instructions, advice for positioning the machine, maintenance and problem-solving.
  • List of main components and relevant instructions.
  • PED certificates.
  • Documents for FAT and SAT.
  • Spares and accessories price lists.
  • Basic documentation for  IQ, OQ and PQ.


Document and operational support for qualification and validation operations.



We know and value how important the confidence of having quality equipment is for our clients.

We work day after day on continuous improvement and we can say that we have highly qualified personnel, consisting of mechanical and electrical technicians, engineers, programmers, etc, prepared for any requirement arising from the needs of our customers, offering a quality service.

Our aim is to preserve and reactivate the equipment in the state in which it can continue to carry out the required functions for which it was designed.

We carry out both conservation maintenance (corrective, preventive or emergency) aimed at compensating for the deterioration of the equipment suffered as a result of its use in accordance with the physical and chemical conditions to which it is subjected, and updating to compensate for technological obsolescence or new requirements that did not exist or were not taken into account at the time of construction but which must now be taken into account.

  • Corrective maintenance, repairing faults and maintaining the good state correcting the defects or failures found that are produced by daily use and that cause an equipment shutdown.
  • Preventive maintenance agreed and organised to keep the equipment in good condition with planned checks for the correct maintenance of installations to avoid future failures.
  • Emergencies, designed to repair urgent breakdowns as well as to contain damage from leaks, opening and closing door locks, etc.

Do you want a maintenance plan?  Contact us.


Having quality equipment is not enough if the operators who operate it daily are unaware of its operation. The complementary training service allows your personnel to learn the correct use and acquire a correct operating routine in the functions provided by the equipment to obtain maximum performance and reduce risk factors in the working environment.