Dynamic pass-through boxes

The dynamic materials transfer system with filtered air passing through a HEPA filter is designed and manufactured in Spain as per GMP and ISO 14644. This equipment is specially designed for pharmaceutical clean rooms, therapies and cell culture and other controlled contamination environments.

SAS pasamateriales dinámico- SAS descontaminación

Dynamic pass-through boxes with HEPA air filtration guarantee a clean environment inside the chamber ensuring that the transfer system is the correct one for areas of different qualification.


– Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Mirror polished.
– Other materials such as, for example, AISI 316, to order.
– Rounded interior finishes to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
– Electromechanical interlocks, with status lights to prevent simultaneous opening of doors with lock or free status indication.
– Pass-through box doors:

  • Flush on the front.
  • Made of 8 mm safety glass.
  • With easily-cleaned and replaceable gaskets.

– Optional: installation of doors with gasket inflated seal for access to more critical areas such as biological security rooms.