RLM – 650 – Pass-through automatic water shower decontamination cabin especially designed as an entry and exit barrier for controlled contamination areas.

The totally automated cabin helps personnel to enter and exit bio-security laboratories, animal facilities and SPF areas. The equipment is designed according to all European security standards and has the CE mark. The shower is installed on a self-supporting frame for easy installation. It can also be quickly adapted to clean room construction systems or to any other type of modular construction. The shower has glass doors closed with security systems for unblocking both inside and out. The cabin has a ventilation system consisting of a fan and electrical heating to guarantee the drying cycle after completing the shower. The shower and time cycles and water temperature can be programmed. The purge system configured in the cycle ensures the outlet temperature.

* Special option for BIO-SECURITY installations.


Internal finishes: natural stone* with gaskets of the same material that are impossible to detect.

Two glass doors.

Ventilation after the shower and hot air heating system

Electric cabin.

PLC (programmable logic controller).

HansGrohe shower components.

Internal and external emergency opening system.

Electromechanical interlocking system.

 External touchscreen.