We are specialists in the manufacture of special machinery for the pharmaceutical and related industry

AD-TECH Ibérica was founded in 2007 within the Albian Group’s Albian Equipment division. Our team of highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals offers flexible and robust solutions for the life sciences ambit.

We manufacture high quality and high performance contamination control equipment for controlled contamination environments at both the air particles and microorganisms, chemical containment and biological containment levels.

Generating synergies within the group’s divisions,  we develop engineering and construction for pharmaceutical plants, integrated process equipment and GMP consultancy, including turnkey projects and critical installations. We combine our knowledge and technological capacity to provide the most appropriate high value solution to our clients, linked to companies related to the life and health sciences sector (pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, cosmetics, veterinary and food, hospitals, laboratories and research centres).


We make efforts to be leaders in the development and manufacture of equipment for critical areas and controlled environments. Our equipment provides higher performance, constant quality, improved productivity and lower total usage cost. We measure our success in terms of client satisfaction.

Our equipment provides the solution is needed to minimise the risk of contamination in clean rooms, controlled environments and other critical manufacturing areas.

Our team of engineers and technicians, most of whom have working experience in companies in the pharmaceutical sector, mainly carry out applied research with production experiments to update our technology and specialised knowledge and thus offer optimal and alternative solutions to our clients.

AD-TECH Ibérica focuses on your needs for the proper choice of machinery such as laminar flow cabinets, decontamination showers and modular laboratories.


We are manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for controlling contamination in controlled environments. With high quality materials and best practices, our manufacturing standards guarantee first quality performance.

Our production centre is located in the heart of Biscay, 10 minutes from the port of Santurce, with 922 m2 for equipment manufacture.


In Albian Equipment we are aware of the premises that require highly specialised installations and we provide the installations with the systems and controls necessary to guarantee the final quality of the product and non-contamination to comply with GMP and FDA regulations.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) consultancy.
Through our divisions we accompany our clients from the beginning of their project, providing advice to develop the functional design project.

We provide our best solutions to the most demanding sectors

Pharmacy and

Hospitals y clinics




Other industries


Our products exceed quality standards.

ISO 9001 is an international quality management and guarantee standard. It lays the foundation for companies to effectively document the elements of the quality system that must be implemented for an efficient quality system.

In Ad-Tech Ibérica we know how important it is to continuously improve our production systems, which is why we ensure that both the raw materials and the final product passing through the production process comply properly with the set requirements.

We handle each project in strict accordance with user requirements and in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. Our quality assurance department ensures that we maintain an effective system to manage and improve the quality of its outputs and ensure that the ISO 9001 standard is maintained..

That is why we take care of analysing the scope of the standards and checking that these standards continue to meet the quality needs of our users.


Our extensive experience allows us to observe and discover the needs of our clients. This has created a working environment in our team that is focused on service and living our clients’ problems as our own.

As a result, every year our R&D department puts innovative products on the market that are adapted to the new needs of our clients.

  • Proprietary and innovative low temperature hydrogen peroxide (VPH) steam generation system.
  • Own design catalyst filter for H2O2 that reduces the peroxide concentration level to ≤ 1 ppm without the need for external ventilation in decontamination isolators and materials pass-through.
  • Use of acrylic stone material for showers and decontamination materials pass-through.
  • Mist showers for HPAPI manufacturing areas, with turbulence-free mist production and ≤ 5 µm micro-droplets.


Adapting to the needs of quality, productivity, environmental concern and prevention and safety required by an increasingly competitive market, AD-TECH IBERICA, S.L, an  Albian Group company, has a management system described in the Management Manual and developed in the system in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 international standard .

The general management explicitly states its fundamental commitment to promoting quality and prevention at Ad-Tech Ibérica to achieve compliance with the following policy.

Through the Training Plan, the general management ensures that its Integrated policy is understood and accepted by all personnel and with the help of internal audits verifies that the system maintains its efficiency and suitability.

  • The main objective is client satisfaction and the prevention and avoidance of harm and risks to people and the prevention of contamination.
  • Quality is understood as suitability for use, adequate delivery times and costs.
  • Management will drive the improvements needed to achieve the objectives.
  • Quality and prevention of contamination and risks in the working environment are not only the result of controls but also of correct and exhaustive planning, execution and continuous auditing.
  • Quality and the prevention of contamination and risks can only be interpreted as permanent compliance with the requirements, both legal and those of the clients, and those acquired by the organisation.
  • Quality and prevention are oriented towards continuous improvement. Failures, accidents and incidents must be used to learn and eliminate their sources or causes.
  • This requires the collaboration and participation of all levels and information, communication and training are indispensable for this.
  • All personnel must accept the commitment to improve quality, safe working methods and best environmental practices within their work place.